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Honoring Renowned Tamil Film Director Bhagyaraj K at our Institution's Convocation Ceremony

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

At our esteemed institution's recent convocation ceremony, we were honored to have the distinguished presence of renowned Tamil film director, Bhagyaraj K. With a decorated career spanning several decades, Bhagyaraj K has made a significant contribution to the Tamil film industry with his unique storytelling and directorial skills. His presence at our institution was a moment of pride and inspiration for our students and faculty alike.

The event was attended by our graduating students, faculty members, and esteemed guests. Bhagyaraj K was felicitated with a special award for his outstanding contributions to the field of Tamil cinema.

During his address to our students, Bhagyaraj K shared his insights on the art of film making from an actors perspective, his experiences in the industry, and the importance of creativity and storytelling in cinema. He also shared valuable advice for aspiring actors and encouraged them to pursue their passion with dedication and perseverance.

His words of wisdom, combined with his charismatic presence, left a lasting impression on everyone present at the convocation ceremony.

The visit of Bhagyaraj K, the renowned Tamil film director, to our institution's convocation ceremony was a truly memorable and inspiring event. We were privileged to honor his remarkable achievements and learn from his insights on the world of cinema. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Bhagyaraj K for gracing our event and inspiring our students to pursue their passion in the filed of acting. We look forward to more such enriching experiences in the future.


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