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Advisory Board

Our Advisory board is a growing group of critically and commercially acclaimed film industry professionals. They are a great source of guidance, helping our students navigate their way in the industry to achieve their goals.

Director Chimbudeven - Our Advisory board member


Film Director - 23 aam Pulikesi

Actor Thalaivasal Vijay - Our Advisory board member

Thalaivasal Vijay


Director S U Arun Kumar - Our Advisory board member


Film Director - Sethupathi

Director Gautham Ramachandran - Our Advisory board member

Gautham Ramachandran

Film Director - Gargi

Producer  Ranjith Kumar - Our Advisory board member

Ranjith Kumar


Cinematographer Imran Ahamedh KR - Our Advisory board member

Imran Ahamedh KR

Cinematographer - Ammani

 Director  Santoshh KK - Our Advisory board member

Santoshh kk

Director / Actor

In - House Team

We have an in-house team who specialize in writing scripts for short films for our YouTube channels . The studio supports the production of these short films with professional editors, equipment and software.

Jack Prabhu founder and director of Raging Bull Actors Studio
Ganesan Kaliyamoorthy- Theater coach and Actor
Kalaiyarasan R - Administrator and Actor at Raging Bull Actors Studio

Jack Prabhu

Founder, Director

Jack’s philosophy of teaching the art is to make students understand acting in its truest sense - to replicate reality and behave the way they would, when they are in a situation similar to the character they play.


An avid traveller, Jack spends a good amount of time travelling across India, and around the world. His way of training encourages students to experience life and people - new landscapes, cultures, tastes, characters, traditions, conflicts, and dreams - all of which he believes, are authentic ways to transfer the complexity of life onto the screen.


He produced and co-directed Raging Bull’s maiden feature film FIRST NIGHTS - a 4 part anthology which received critical acclaim at several international film festivals. A majority of the film's cast comprises of actors from the school.

Ganesan Kaliyamoorthy

Theatre Coach, Actor

Ganesan’s first love remains the stage. Having enacted in over 50 theatre plays himself, he is an ardent Yoga practitioner. Ganesan kick starts the courses at Raging Bull - he trains students on the basics of theatre and Yoga for voice, physical movement and mind control.

His warm personality is infectious. He believes in constant self-improvement, and there is never a bad time to cultivate better values. He ensures that every student at Raging Bull is made to feel comforted, relaxed, cared for, and supported.


This calm personality transforms to something entirely different when he is in front of the camera, or on stage! The award winning actor has, and continues to give several memorable performances in feature films and is a huge source of inspiration for the rest of the team.

Kalaiyarasan Rajendran

Administrator, Actor

A versatile actor himself, Kalai wears multiple hats at Raging Bull. From admissions to auditions, and administration to production, Kalai is the go-to person for all things at the studio. 


The techie turned actor's experience in feature films and short films forms valuable guidance to the new and aspiring students who join the school. 


Beneath the calm and pleasant personality lies a tough task master. He proved his management capabilities by working as the Line producer for Raging Bull's maiden feature film First Nights. He also supervises the production of the studio's YouTube channels.

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