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Our team during students performance session

The Story

At the surface level, a typical day at Raging Bull Actors Studio can be seen as a bunch of actors rehearsing scenes and dialogues, gearing up to present a performance for directors. Beneath this surface is a systematic process that the actors go through, for a period of four months - a process that helps them understand that acting is an art that can be learnt, practiced and perfected.


Raging Bull Actors Studio (RBAS) was started in 2007 by Jack Prabhu, a well-known acting trainer in film circles. RBAS trains actors for films, and conducts several workshops to help them understand the nuances of acting. In short, RBAS aims to redefine the art of acting and positively transform the upcoming era of Tamil cinema.

Director Arivazhagan attended as chief guest for the 2021 convocation ceremony at Raging Bull Actors Studio.

RBAS Mission

  • To groom passionate people into a breed of disciplined actors for the new generation of cinema

  • To serve as a platform for actors to learn and fine-tune their skills by continuous practice

  • To provide film opportunities for actors through auditions


RBAS aims to help actors understand that their goal is to replicate reality - behave the way they would, when they are in a situation similar to the character they play. RBAS actors are trained to understand that acting is not just about memorizing lines, but more to do with the characterization, intention and the subtext sandwiched between the lines.

  • Basic Yoga and theatre workshop for voice, physical movement and mind control

  • Storytelling, voice control, games and exercises to hone observation and improvisation skills 

  • Understanding the presence of camera, lights, and microphones

  • Psychological skills to create realistic portrayals of characters - Stanislavski's system of method acting and Stella Adler’s systematic approach to acting

Actor Vijay Sethupathi at the Convocation Ceremony of Raging Bull Actors Studio.
Logo of Raging Bull Actors Studio

Through auditions at the studio and outside, RB actors have acted in movies such as November story, Gargi, KD Engira Karuppudurai, Don, Rk Nagar, Kavan and more.

After the training

RB actors are made aware of the fact that being an actor is an art of experiencing, and is a continuous process. After the training, the actors can choose to become members of acting institute. The members meet at the studio during weekends to rehearse scenes and dialogues.​


We encourage members to continue with their routine jobs, providing a system for them to find suitable opportunities in films. We arrange dedicated photoshoot sessions and auditions for the trained members. Directors from the industry are invited to the acting school to audition suitable talent for their films.


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