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Spotlight on Success: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Saturday Showcase with Tamil Film Industry Assistant Directors


Step into the world of aspiring actors and budding directors as we recount the exhilarating experience of our recent Saturday showcase at Raging Bull Actors Studio. Our stage was graced by a distinguished group of assistant and associate directors from the vibrant Tamil film industry. Beyond mere performances, this event served as a melting pot of talent, feedback, and invaluable insights into the nuances of filmmaking.


1. Setting the Stage:

We usually have 30+ students for our Saturday performance and on that day also we had nearly 45 students and showcased their talents in front of the assembled assistant and associate directors. They have also enjoyed the event and happy with our performances and also shared their valuable feedbacks and nuances to enhance the scene further.


2. Meet the Masters:

Introducing our esteemed guests – the assistant and associate directors representing the heartbeat of the Tamil film industry.

Meenakshi Sundar (Co-Director of ‘Oh My Kadavule’)

Praveen Kumar (Assistant Director – Neelam Productions)

Madhavan Veeramuthu (Associate Director – Dir. Ram Asst.)

Nirmal Kumar (Assistant Director – Dir. Madone Ashwin Asst.)

Ravi Varma (Associate Director – Neelam Productions)

Vignesh Manickam (Independent Film Director)

Jaya Suriya (Independent Film Director)

 3. Performances that Shine:

 Offering a glimpse into the captivating performances delivered by our talented students that Illuminated the stage with anecdotes of memorable moments from the play.


Our Saturday showcase transcended the boundaries of a typical performance, morphing into a transformative journey enriched by the presence of Tamil film industry assistant associate directors. Their invaluable feedback, profound insights into direction, and candid revelations about the audition process have left an indelible mark on our students and faculty alike. To check their feedbacks, kindly click here.

 As we continue to nurture talent and foster creative excellence, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in our journey, fueled by the lessons learned and the connections forged on this remarkable day.

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