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A Memorable Interaction Session with Actor Kanna Ravi: Insights and Feedback

Recently, our acting school had the privilege of hosting a special interaction session with the talented actor Kanna Ravi. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide enriching experiences for our students, Mr. Kanna Ravi graciously agreed to watch our actors' Saturday performances and share his valuable insights and feedback. The session turned out to be an insightful and inspiring opportunity for all involved, leaving a lasting impact on our aspiring actors.

Sharing Experiences:

Mr. Kanna Ravi began the session by sharing anecdotes and experiences from his own journey in the world of acting. His passion for the craft was evident as he recounted the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned along the way. His journey served as a source of motivation for our students, reminding them of the dedication and perseverance required to succeed in the industry.

Observing Performances:

Following the initial introductions, Mr. Kanna Ravi attentively watched the performances presented by our actors. From monologues to scene interpretations, each performance showcased the hard work and dedication put in by our students.

Mr. Kanna Ravi's keen eye for detail allowed him to appreciate the nuances of each portrayal, and his genuine interest in the craft shone through as he observed.

Valuable Feedback:

After the performances, Mr. Kanna Ravi took the time to provide constructive feedback to each actor. His insights were not only insightful but also tailored to each individual's strengths and areas for improvement. Whether it was refining dialogue delivery, enhancing emotional depth, or working on physicality, Mr. Kanna Ravi's feedback was invaluable in helping our actors grow and develop their skills.

 Here’s what he said about us

I had the pleasure of interacting with many talented actors from the Raging Bull Actors Studio after hearing about it during discussions. What intrigued me most was learning about the sense of community they've fostered within the studio.

It was heartening to see how they've created a platform where actors collaborate regularly, not only practicing scripts but also directing short films and supporting each other's growth.


The ethos of "growing together" was evident as they celebrated each other's successes, whether it was landing a role or progressing in auditions. It was inspiring to witness their collective spirit and genuine desire to see each other succeed.


Every performance I witnessed was top-notch. The actors displayed a deep understanding of their characters and the scenes they performed. What stood out was the seamless support they provided to each other on stage, maintaining the authenticity of the moment without overshadowing one another.


The studio serves as a nurturing ground for aspiring actors, providing opportunities to stay updated on industry trends, gain valuable insights, and share experiences.

The Q&A sessions were particularly enlightening, reminiscent of seasoned professionals guiding newcomers, a rarity in the industry.

I commend the efforts of the institute in striving to provide the best possible training and support for its actors. I look forward to seeing more talent emerge from the Raging Bull Actors Studio and am eager to continue supporting them by visiting the studio regularly and spending more time with these budding stars. Here's to their bright futures in the industry!

Click here (link the youtube video of his testimonial) to watch his feedback.




The interaction session with actor Kanna Ravi was a truly enriching experience for everyone involved. From sharing experiences to offering valuable feedback and encouragement, Mr. Kanna Ravi's presence left a lasting impact on our acting school and its students. As they continue on their journey in the world of acting, they will undoubtedly carry the lessons learned from this memorable session with them, fueling their passion and drive for years to come.

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