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learn, practice and perform method acting

The Raging Bull Actors’ Studio (RBAS) provides a door to individuals into the world of acting by bringing forth their acting talent, helping them overcome their fear and by introducing them to many film personalities.

A place for actors to 


Director - Eeram

"Raging bull Actors has always an option to go to, when I need good actors for my films."

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Director - Thani Oruvan

"The training process at raging bull is focused on fulfilling the need of the film industry today."

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Director - 23 aam Pulikesi

"There was a healthy exchange of ideas and completeness in the performances that I witnessed at Raging Bull."

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Actor - Meyaadha Maan

"They made me realize how much more i have to learn as an actor!!! There are many more fearless bulls coming"

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Professional Filmmakers

What they're saying

Advisory Board

Our Advisory board is a growing group of critically and commercially acclaimed film industry professionals who help our students navigate their way in the industry to achieve their goals.

Our Students

Students at RBAS are from various fields, including regular college students and IT professionals.The acting school encourages members to continue with their routine jobs, providing a system for them to find suitable opportunities in films.

Know More

Experienced film makers often visit the club to both guide the members and for purposes of auditioning for their upcoming projects.

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Shoot the cat

Our very owned YouTube channel fully dedicated for student's projects.
Shoot the cat YouTube channel is a platform for RBAS student teams to Write, Shoot, Edit & Dub original films inspired from day to day scenarios.

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